Tanz‑Orchester Nicu Vlădescu - Tanz des Mamilu / On Miami shore - 1921 shimmy/valse

12/08/2021 को प्रकाशित
Tanz‑Orchester Nicu Vlădescu
Grammophon 15934 - B6010 B6011
0:00 Tanz des Mamilu Shimmy Fox von Schmutzer
3:26 On miami Shore Valse Boston von Victor Jacobi
circa 1921 Berlin


  • 😏

  • Thank You very much 🌺 for these amazing Shimmy Fox and Valse Boston from Germany 🎶 on Grammophon 🌼 the name of the orchestra I've seen/heard before, it seems to me, that it's a Rumanian orchestra leader or a pseudonym? Do You know more about? Now the summer comes to Switzerland 🌞 kind regards from the South Seas 🏝️ to "my" beloved Ticino 🇨🇭 Mark

    • Thank You 🌺 Giorgio 😉 a step forward 😊 ... Mark

    • i believe its not a pseudo, a photo of vladescu was in a grammophon catalog/add