Orchestra di danze Ferruzzi - Fleur d'amour - 1926 - Musica da ballo anni 20

30/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
Orchestra di danze Ferruzzi
Fleur d'amour di José Padilla Sánchez
Milano circa 1926
Disco La Fonografia Nazionale Milano A - 5329


  • Dear Giorgio! I Listen to your Channel now since a couple of years and i have to say: you have one of the most, if not the most interesting 78‘ s Shellac Channels here on IN-cd! I Hear With Pleasure Every your new Records, if it is a Ragtime from America or Tango from South Europe, or Even Two Step or Rag from Someover the world. Please dont stop uploading your treasures of Shellac culture! I still hear your wonderful music, i have a steel needled Grammophone too, i sit in the light of my candle here in my chamber, Reading Werfel, Eichendorff, Hoffmansthal. I enjoy your uploads from opera, dancing music and whatever! Regards from Berlin, Yours sincerely Christian 😀

  • Francesca Bertini ?