Orchester Bernard Etté - Tango Etté (Tango Milonga) - 1925 Berlin

22/12/2020 को प्रकाशित
Orchester Bernard Etté
Tango-Etté (Tango Milonga)
matrix VOX 2444-A
recorded 1925.09
catalog Nr. VOX 01997
30 cm record
musik von Korla


  • EXCELENT !!!

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  • Very nice! Love it

  • Very interesting Tango! The number tag on your record seems familar- I think I have some out of the same collection. They probably came from switzerland

    • @Giorgio Nikola Rigas Nenadov Yeah I know ;) I bought some by a friend of mine in north Germany. He visited switzerland a few times in the past and bought records in different place.

    • yes since i am swiss it makes sense, the tango ette has been found in Bern