Ladd's Black Aces - Satanic Blues - 1922 hot jazz

29/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
Satanic Blues - foxtrot - (Larry Shields / Emile Christian)
3-19-1922 New York
Gennett Records 4856-B
Ladd's Black Aces (Phil Napoleon, Frank Signorelli, Miff Mole, Jimmy Lytell, Jack Roth)


  • Satanic ???

    • I understand now freund

    • Probably a parody to get the attention of the older people that in the late 1910s defined jazz as "the devils music" because of his wild and caotic early records and bands

    • Its the title of a song composed in 1919 by Nick La Rocca and Harry Shields, member of the original dixieland jazz band (the first jazz band ever recorded in history in 1917) here in my upload a 1922 version recorded by the Ladds black aces, a pseudonym used by the Original Memphis five for Gennett records!

  • Great for a dance in the moonlight!

  • Absolutely superb.

  • 👿!

  • Sweeeeeet