Gino Franzi - Così è la vita - 1929

29/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
il grande Gino Franzi canta Così è la vita foxtrot di Vittorio Mascheroni
disco Odeon O - 7989 - Milano circa 1929


  • Dear Giorgio, i Look forward to have a wonderful new old Grammophone from The Netherlands. It was built about 1910 and it has motivated me to Go on in Collecting old 78 rpm records. My Special are Records from the Period 1900 until 1920, French, Italian and German Operas, but also Dance Music from this time, folk Music from Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria. When my Machine is installated i will make some Videos to show you my Collection! Go on With your fantastic Collection! I say! Wow! Young People do have to recognize this old Culture! With best regards, Christian Schönecker.