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thanks to twiddlybobby for the list
1) HOW MANY TIMES - Bert Firman & His Band Vocal Eddie Collis (Zonophone)
2) MEAN TO ME - Alfredo & His Band Vocal Eddie Collis (Edison Bell Winner)
3) GLORIANNA - Alfredo & His Band Vocal Eddie Collis (Edison Bell Radio)
4) LET ME DREAM IN YOUR ARMS AGAIN - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra Vocal Sam Browne (HMV)
5) JUST A LITTLE FOND AFFECTION - Ray Starita & His Ambassadors' Band Vocal Eddie Collis (Columbia)
6) SHE'S JUST THE TYPE FOR ME - Debroy Somers Band Vocal Bobby Sanders (Columbia)
7) NESTING TIME - Piccadilly Revels Band dir by Ray Starita Vocal Dick Robertson (Columbia)
8) ONLY THE GIRL - Ray Starita & His Ambassadors' Band Vocal Les Allen (Columbia)
9) MAGNOLIA - Percival Mackey & His Kit-Kat Band Vocal Chick Endor (Edison Bell Winner)
10) TOGETHER - Ray Starita & His Ambassadors' Band Vpcal Eddie Collis (Columbia)
11) SHORT N' SWEET - Bert Firman & His Band Vocal Maurice Elwin (Zonophone)
12) WHEN YOU & I WERE SEVENTEEN -The Savoy Orpheans / Havana Band (HMV)


  • 0:00 How Many Times 2:39 Mean To Me 5:29 Glorianna 8:16 Let Me Dream In Your Arms Again 11:49 Just A Little Fond Affection 14:46 She's Just The Type For Me 17:11 Nesting Time 19:48 Only The Girl 22:39 Magnolia 25:39 Together 28:58 Short n' Sweet 30:58 When You & I Were Seventeen

  • BOY I NEED Premium! I already bought it once, But it never took! TOO Many commercials! I do not give a flying fig about any products,, I DON`T WANT! I just want to hear these AWESOME Tunes!

  • ALL OF THESE ARE AWESOME! What a Selection!

  • Great!!

  • Super excellent with very good interesting photos

  • Delightful

  • Super excellent

  • How times have changed. Back in the day, some of these would have been banned from broadcasting by the BBC because they contain the word 'sex'.

  • Fan.....tastic! Been looking for this. In particular, a recording of several bands playing in unison "I Left My Sugar Standing in the Rain', recorded about '28 I think. Ray Starita was one band involved. I want this badly.

    • Search "dancing championship massed bands 1928"

    • Yes starita did a session with massed band!! I dont remember the othet bands but he directed 3 formations at once! I will see if i ever find something from that session

  • It is nice to hear some waltzes mixed in this as I am sure the 1920s British Band really did them justice because, what with all the new fangled dance crazes such as the Charleston, the Fox Trot and the naughty Black Bottom. The moms and dads of the day would have a fit. This is a good mix of some of my favorite 20s. Well played, sir.

    • Some of the very best Waltzes were from the 1920`s!

    • The fit your mum and dad would have had made it even more fun, I expect. Nothing like it now, of course. My mum got herself into all kinds of strife dancing the Black Bottom in the dormitory of her school instead of behaving like she should have.

  • great stuff---thanks for sharing

  • this is so lovely :) thank you!

  • The best "Top Hits" ever!

  • Me encantó, gracias!

  • I was waiting sooo long for another compilation! Great!! :)

    • @caspar politman I'm looking forward to it! I'm sure it will be great too :)

    • Thank you, i think it is the last one , the next year i will start to post 78s transfered by me, i will buy a good turntable