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sometimes i will also upload historical videos.



2:45Orchestra Stefano Ferruzzi - Argentina - 1927 tango italiano
Orchestra Stefano Ferruzzi - Argentina - 1927 tango italianoदृश्य 72दिन पहले
3:15Tenore Giuseppe Krismer - Sogna la gioventù (Rulli) - 1922
Tenore Giuseppe Krismer - Sogna la gioventù (Rulli) - 1922दृश्य 94दिन पहले
3:05Stiklen's Orchestra - Si fatigué - 1924 - 1920s Paris jazz
Stiklen's Orchestra - Si fatigué - 1924 - 1920s Paris jazzदृश्य 194दिन पहले
2:40Orchestra Salon Pennati - Apache (Rulli) - 1921
Orchestra Salon Pennati - Apache (Rulli) - 1921दृश्य 110दिन पहले
2:50Renato Berti - Cosi piange Pierrot (C. A. Bixio) - 1923
Renato Berti - Cosi piange Pierrot (C. A. Bixio) - 1923दृश्य 124दिन पहले
2:30Orchestra di Danze Excelsior - Josephine (Rulli) - 1927 Milano
3:00Orchestra di Danze Excelsior - Tango des Gigolettes - 1927 Milano
2:55Bernard Etté Orchester - Wonderful one - 1925 waltz
Bernard Etté Orchester - Wonderful one - 1925 waltzदृश्य 24629 दिन पहले
2:50Eric Borchard's Jazzband - California - 1924 german jazz
Eric Borchard's Jazzband - California - 1924 german jazzदृश्य 361महीने पहले
2:40Orchester Bernard Etté - Je t'ai vu danser - 1924 Tango Milonga
Orchester Bernard Etté - Je t'ai vu danser - 1924 Tango Milongaदृश्य 222महीने पहले
2:15Quartetto Tzigano Pavillon Doré Milano - Mimi (Rulli) - 1922 valse hesitation
2:20Eric Borchard's Jazzband - When it's night time in Italy - 1924
Eric Borchard's Jazzband - When it's night time in Italy - 1924दृश्य 3312 महीने पहले
2:40Eric Borchard's Atlantic Jazz Band - Nuthin’ But - 1924 German Jazz
Eric Borchard's Atlantic Jazz Band - Nuthin’ But - 1924 German Jazzदृश्य 3572 महीने पहले
1:55"Jazz-Band-Kapelle" Bernard Etté - Tippy Canoe - 1922 Valse Boston
"Jazz-Band-Kapelle" Bernard Etté - Tippy Canoe - 1922 Valse Bostonदृश्य 2212 महीने पहले
3:00Ladd's Black Aces - Satanic Blues - 1922 hot jazz
Ladd's Black Aces - Satanic Blues - 1922 hot jazzदृश्य 2412 महीने पहले
3:00Ray Miller's Black And White Melody Boys - Whispering - 1920
Ray Miller's Black And White Melody Boys - Whispering - 1920दृश्य 1542 महीने पहले
2:35Orchester Marion - Sumurun - 1920
Orchester Marion - Sumurun - 1920दृश्य 1852 महीने पहले
3:05Marek Weber - Cecilia tango - 1928 Berlin
Marek Weber - Cecilia tango - 1928 Berlinदृश्य 2812 महीने पहले
3:25Tenore Dino Pergola - Scettico Blues - 1924 - versione originale anni 20
Tenore Dino Pergola - Scettico Blues - 1924 - versione originale anni 20दृश्य 4263 महीने पहले
2:45Dajos Bela - Abschied (Dénes Buday) - 1927 blues
Dajos Bela - Abschied (Dénes Buday) - 1927 bluesदृश्य 4374 महीने पहले
2:55Dajos Bela - Singapore - 1927 tango blues
Dajos Bela - Singapore - 1927 tango bluesदृश्य 5144 महीने पहले
3:00Dajos Bela - Tristeza - 1927 tango
Dajos Bela - Tristeza - 1927 tangoदृश्य 3394 महीने पहले
3:35Orchester Des Palais De Danse Berlin - On The Mississippi - 1913 Two step
Orchester Des Palais De Danse Berlin - On The Mississippi - 1913 Two stepदृश्य 2464 महीने पहले


  • Kkkiiiiooooooookkkkkinn k. Kk.

  • Thank you, just what i need for my custom gramophone audio server! :D

  • Very nice ~ sweet. =^..^=

  • This music reminds me of my favourite cartoons

  • Thanks for sharing this! Every once in a while I'll dust off my old 78rpm records that I've had for years. They still work to this day.

  • am I the only one thats weirdly obsessed with like the music and antiques from the 20s to 30s. like im 15 and this is what I'm into-

  • Amor❤❤

  • Creo que será para mi siguiente vídeo ♥️

  • Molto bello, lo stile è decisamente caratteristico e riconoscibile. Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere qualcosa di più su questa orchestra. Per ora la cosa più interessante è che i brani che ha registrato sono tutti di Alan Verzy, di cui però non so nulla, forse era un membro della band.

  • Interesting date, how do you know it's from 1927 ?

    • @Lost Songs many years ago on the internet

    • @Giorgio Nikola Rigas Nenadov Thanks for the info. I sadly don't own any. By any chance, do you remember where you've seen the ad ?

    • @Lost Songs jazz j.b. white was french too, alan verzy was the name of the bandleader

    • @Giorgio Nikola Rigas Nenadov Thanks !

    • @Giorgio Nikola Rigas Nenadov Absolutely ! We're talking abou a French brand here. I also have one of those with the Orchestre du Bal Bleu, but not that one.

  • To that generation (my parents), this was the equivalent of "Love Shack".

  • Fantàstic!

  • I wanna trick out the audio system in my car...and when some guy pulls up next to me at a red light blasting gangsta rap, I'll crank this up to eleven and give him the ol' 23-skiddoo when the light turns green! Jay Gatsby...the OG.

  • ...and all I can think of is Our Gang comedies!

  • Una bellissima canzone 🎶 composta da Stefano Ferruzzi 🎼 e suonata molto d'atmosfera 💐 grazie mille 🌺 Mark

  • What a lovely song 🎶 so awesome sung 💐 I thank You very much 🌺 Mark

  • What an exciting Josephine 🌹 beautifully played 💐 I thank You very much 🌺 Mark

  • One great dance of the Apaches 🎶 from Italy 🇮🇹 bellissima 💐 ti ringrazio cordiali 🌺 Mark

  • C'est formidable 🎶 true hot jazz from Paris 🗼 I thank You so much 🌺 Mark

  • Let’s bring back wearing hats

  • hlow im froam indonesian i like this music and good

  • The most beautiful era of music in my opinion❤

  • why does this remind me of betty boop cartoons

  • nonno di Orietta

  • I'm never going to hear it anywhere but here! Thank you.

  • I'm 14 years old, sitting here listening to this, feeling proud. Love it :)

  • nice

  • Tolle Musik !

  • 2021 anyone?

  • Which individuals would happen to be here in 1939? This musical episode sure does still hold up

  • Old souls from or akin to that time period

  • Idd like to think we are golden spirits if you are ok with that. How else can this music sing to your soul 😊

  • every fallout's radio lol

  • What’s kinda creepy about this is that this music feels nostalgic… I’m 13😳

  • Hollywood Tower Hotel, anyone?

  • 26:21 is the music preluding the music video for Coldplay's "Magic." How cool.

  • Bellissimo filmato, amo vedere tutte queste splendide auto d'epoca girare per le strade

  • I had this music in my house growing up with my grandfather n grandmother 1928 - 2006 1926 - 2003 love u miss thank u for raising me right n hope see u again someday

  • I don’t want to be one of those guys who says I was born in the wrong era, but this is 10x better then most new songs for sure.

  • Yes. The 1920's...a lovely, simpler time.. horse ride carriages, men only having to wear a hat to impress a lady, wonderful neighbours and music, everyone greeting each other in a jolly matter. *sighs* Those were the good days, simple, old, pleasant days :).

  • Free Copyright?

  • I needed a change from all the same stuff. Now I'm here.

  • I love going to into these comment sections to see teens stroking themselves over the fact that they're listening to old music because it has "class". I can't wait until 90 years pasts and people are now going to be saying the same thing about Beyonce's music or some shit. I guess music does age like wine in people's minds.

  • I'll shit on everyone who says why you listening to this.

  • Really: outstanding! Yeah: a "hot" inspired record. And very musicianly: Yes, it's full of strict "bluesy" rhythm and give us just today in 2021 again the rusty voice and the original "wailing" tone of Borchard and his then in Berlin famous saxophon-style! Wow!

  • Got some antique music from a yard sale and this was in it! Now it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for posting this

  • yey I'm glad that it is still exist right now 2021, I am typing a minus one music because I believe it is relaxing for me while I'm studying ang cleaning house, I can feel our old ancestors how they celebrate life on their times, and I am imagining that I'm with them and enjoying but only good spirits not the violent one, it scares me a lot base on story of others how brutal their was so, only the good one and the best person :) <3 by the way thank you for uploading sir Nikola :)

    • and take note, I am reading our subject "Rizal's Life" I wish I can experience this wearing those heavy dresses and elegant hat, feels like I'm a princes I am priceless <3

  • Judy Garland version of this song was also very nice

  • wow! for music being over a century old, its amazing! i adore it, thx for the new favorite video ! :D

  • Thank you for sharing 😊 greetings from Mexico

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • Oh mio dio, this music is so old!

  • Man... 1930 was so wonderful world and beautiful

  • Nothwithstanding this 78th record is even not good in condition, it's not easy to find it! Yes, I know the problems of "hunting for old german hot dance-records" and this - since 40 years, starting in 1980! However this Dajos-Béla-recording is not really "hot", just nice, lively but straight, even "sweet", as far as the maestro's violin carries out with thoroughness the melody line. Means: compared with astonishingly high standards in Berlin's dance band scene in mid-1920 ths. By the way - and for example: listen to the tune "Eccentric" (on "Vox") in the version of the then 8- or 9-piece-formation of Bernard Etté! You will hear the nearest approach to the then highly praised "Savoy Orpheans", which became famous in 1924 - 1925, even with German radio- and record-listeners in those early years, by the vogue the BBC started because of their late-evening-programs with dance music "in fashion"; yes and they started a real fashion in itself by those sounds. Last not least: THANK YOU! Because you did a fine job in presenting this "Odeon"-item! And what's more: you have taste in finding often just a band-photo, what fits perfectly - and dates here corrcetly also from around 1926. Now it may be time to write down the correct names of the musicans in this picture here (those of then in Berlin quite prominent) musicians, specialised in studio-work. (Identification was by Banjoist Mike Danzi, from end-1939 onwards back in his hometown New York City, but from 1924 - 1939 one of the busiest musicians in and around good ol' Berlin): LEFT TO RIGHT... - 1st row: Leon Collier (drums); Eugen Berman (concert-master, 1st violin); Joe Alex (3rd as, cl); Maestro Dajos Béla (v, leader); Wolf Gradis (1st as, cl); Kurt Arlt (2nd ts, cl); Franz Grothe (piano, arr, compositons); - 2nd row: Bill Mulraney (trombone); Howard O. MacFarlane (1st tp); Fritz Pallmann (2nd tp); Mike Danzi (bj); "Schnucki" Deichmann (tuba). Greetings & Wishes - from Berlin...

    • Thanks henry! Yes i know exactly how destroyed by time many records are! In my collection there is also place for broken records i try to restore the sound out of everything! I tend to prefer pre jazz, sweet music, even jazz waltz! i heard the ette version of eccentric!

  • fire

  • Greater depression : starts Music in united states in 1930 :

  • Demando más de su música, desconocido de internet.

  • Wish I were born then

  • I'm 15 but I remember my life before. I remember living during the great depression and then being shot in the head. I have a birthmark on my head.

  • Fuck man, this was where it was at back then

  • Oh how I miss those times! I remember how I met my wife in a party playing one of these songs. Back then everything was different- and we all were black & white!

  • 2021

  • jadi ingat zaman kolonial belanda di negeriku,

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  • i cant stop thinking of everywhere at the end of time when i listen to this music... everytime i doze off it just phases into eatot...

  • And prats think RAP is music.!

  • Mga tugtugan sa carosel:

  • Reminds me of old black & white cartoons.

  • POV: You don't know what dementia is because you're 10 years old

  • Now that I think about it: With the virus and a new global economic recession, 2020 isn't all too different from 1920 after all 😕

  • Thanks for this playlist. I felt in an american city in the 30s for a while. Good experiencr

  • ....denke an meine Oma...geboren in Berlin 1900.....die konnte alle diese Lieder war zu niedlich!

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  • Channels like this are the closest thing we have to a time machine. Thank you for these uploads.

  • That was so beautiful 👍